Brent Leitch

Executive Chef

Brent Leitch has worked in the Culinary industry for 19 years in some of the top Michelin restaurants in the world including The French Laundry in California, La Capinera in Sicily, Bo Innovation in Hong Kong, and Nahm in Bangkok. Locally, he has helped build and maintain some of Canada's best restaurants including Campagnolo in Toronto and Langdon Hall in Cambridge. Brent most recently worked as an instructor at George Brown College in Toronto for close to four years, teaching and developing curriculum on culinary arts, sous vide cooking, knife skills, pasta, northern and southern Italian, and Canadian cooking. He also developed the Chefs' Edible Garden, which included over 65 planter boxes growing food for use in the student run restaurants. Brent is passionate and experienced about growing and cooking with cannabis. As a cannabis cooking instructor his goal is to educate people about how to cook safely with the plant, with an emphasis on precise dosing that meets each individual's needs. Brent hopes to help everyone from brand new users and cooking novices to experienced users and trained chefs to elevate their infused dishes, and gain a better understanding of how to cook well with cannabis.