Patty De Guia

Director Of Social Media

Patty  is a former professional photographer and cancer survivor.  She freelanced in social media marketing and strategy before securing a Social Media Director position for a start-up that pitched on Dragon's Den.  Brand awareness, loyalty and creating strong partnerships with disrupters is her specialty. Patty is also an accomplished baker whose skills are a valuable asset in assisting in creating curriculum for our hands on classes. Patty's first personal experience with cannabis came at the ripe old age if 26 when she shared a joint with her brother-in-law out of sheer curiosity.  It was a giggle fest for her of course, but found smoking it too harsh. It wasn't until she her amputation from Melanoma 12 years ago which resulted in frequent and excruciating phantom pain that she tried an edible as an alternative to the heavy doses of pharmaceutical drugs she was on for years. Not only did it greatly assist in her pain management but it also helped regulate her anxiety and depression as a result of her medical trauma

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Toronto, ON

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