Vanessa Labrecque

Chief Operations Officer/Co-Founder

Vanessa Labrecque COO and CO-founder As COO and Co-Founder Vanessa has been overseeing and developing the company from day 1. She is responsible for all major business operations,kitchen management personal relations, team management, administrative roles and event planning to name a few. Super versatile, Vanessa has taken her passion for cooking as well as her knowledge of cannabis and applying her skill sets to help create the education of Cannabis Cooking Classes and Chef Certification programs offered at Cannabis Cooking Company. Vanessa prides herself in knowing every class and project she’s involved in,that more people have been educated and that her students will educate others in a landscape that is so new to many of us. Her goal is to break the stigma of the cannabis user, educate the world about cannabis and to unite both legacy and legal worlds because she believes that together we win. “Only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing”- Socrates