Our Team Members

Cannabis Cooking Company

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Brent Leitch

Executive Chef

Brent Leitch has worked in the Culinary industry for 19 years in some of the top Michelin restaurants in the world including The French Laundry in California, La Capinera in Sicily, Bo Innovation in Hong Kong, and Nahm in Bangkok. Locally, he has helped build and maintain some of Canada's best restaurants including Campagnolo in Toronto and Langdon Hall in Cambridge. Brent most recently worked as an instructor at George Brown College in Toronto for close to four years, teaching and developing curriculum on culinary arts, sous vide cooking, knife skills, pasta, northern and southern Italian, and Canadian cooking. He also developed the Chefs' Edible Garden, which included over 65 planter boxes growing food for use in the student run restaurants. Brent is passionate and experienced about growing and cooking with cannabis. As a cannabis cooking instructor his goal is to educate people about how to cook safely with the plant, with an emphasis on precise dosing that meets each individual's needs.

cannabis chef

Don Gingrich

Lead Cannabis Chef

Cannabis and Cooking have both been a part of my life for over 30 years...first recreationally then medicinally  and now professionally. I am a Chef with 30 years experience; my passion for cooking is as strong as my passion for the cannabis plant.

cannabis chef

Marty Mercieca

Operations Manager

Marty is the type of person who really appreciates a good challenge.He is a problem solver who can fix anything with just a few tools and his hands. He is a skilled tradesman who has worked with large construction companies such as Ledcor, EM Com Construction and Bell Canada. Marty is also an entrepreneur who currently owns and operates Horseshoe Handyman Services in the Greater Toronto Area. Marty's role, while sometimes unnoticed, is vital to the seamless operation of Cannabis Cooking Company events. He handles all setup, logistics and back end support for all CCC event activations.  

cannabis chef

Vanessa Labrecque

Chief Operations Officer/Co-Founder

Vanessa Labrecque COO and CO-founder As COO and Co-Founder Vanessa has been overseeing and developing the company from day 1. She is responsible for all major business operations,kitchen management personal relations, team management, administrative roles and event planning to name a few.

cannabis chef

David Brott

Chief Executive Officer

David is a serial entrepreneur who loves bringing people together to make meaningful, useful, profitable programs and content.

cannabis chef

Joshua Tuck

Chief Revenue Officer/Co-Founder

  As CRO of the Cannabis Cooking Company, Joshua is finally bringing his 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry to the people.

cannabis chef

Tamara Lilien

Chief Information Officer

As one of less than 10,000 people worldwide to hold a Cannabis Sommelier Certification, Tamara was recently selected from 25,000 applicants to serve as a member of the world’s first Cannabis Curation Committee.